Friday, July 30, 2010


I don't really like that word. I'm not here to lead, although some readers have said I'm a role model. I really really like that. I've never been a role model before. I'm more like a bad example.

I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to change the word "followers" on the widget. The closest I got was to change the title which you'll only notice if you look hard ~ it says "Friends and Friends I Haven't Met Yet". I considered and rejected "Current and Future Friends" as both more concise and more presumptuous.

There are a few classes of ladies who are in my [potential] friends list. I say ladies, because I haven't any evidence that there are any men reading this blog. If I'm wrong, speak up!

There are women I've met (Amanda, Kim) who are on the friend's list and others (Shirien) who aren't.

There are gurls I've chatted with for a while (Deb). There are gurls whose blogs I read (Stana).

There are gurls who joined from (Penny, Lisah), and gurls who'd rather comment than follow (Pat).

There are others I don't know at all (Emma, Mari, RachelAnne).

What I'm saying is, I don't know most of you. I introduced myself ~ I'd really like it if you all would do the same. You can drop me an e-mail at if you like. I'll write back, unless you ask me not to. You can just add a comment to this post and I won't know your e-mail address. If you want to write a private note and not give me you address, send a comment with DO NOT POST at the top and I won't. I read every one before I post them.

Don't be shy ~ I've bared all, and I'd just like to know who I'm baring all to.

I have a couple of more trip posts and then I think I'm done and I'll close up and go home. I posted this now so you'd have time to respond, if you so wish.

My wish is that you so wish.


  1. Thank you for the invitation. I will drop you a line and maybe you can consider to keep you blog on line for a while. You might get tempted to make a new journey. Anyway, I really enjoyed it so far.Wish you well, Corinna

  2. I definitely think you're a model example :) I'm definitely glad I've met you. My life is better off for it. You can drop me a note, anytime, and I promise I'll do the same.

  3. I am definitely a "follower" and have really enjoyed your blog and appreciate the time you have given to it. As a loooooong time crossdresser, I have had many adventures and experiences, but flying en femme is still a desire of mine. I almost did it a couple of months ago when I went out to a transgender gathering in Las Vegas. But flying out of the small airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is too risky for me as I know too many people locally. If ever I get the opportunity to fly from a distant airport I might consider trying it en femme.
    I talked with a friend from Ohio who attended the Las Vegas gathering and she flew back dressed in her feminine best. She said that the experience was great and she had no trouble with airport security or her co-passengers, so I guess it might be getting easier to do so. As you found out, all it takes is the guts and right attitude to carry you through. And you did it so well.
    Again, thanks for sharing your saga with us. It has made for an interesting summer read.


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