Monday, July 12, 2010


OK Panic

After my shower, I decided to repack Meg's stuff into a separate bag. I pulled everything out and noticed I don't have my second bag of makeup ~ I had two baggies. I tore apart the luggage, the closet, and everything else I could think of. Then I remembered ~ to make it fit better, I put one inside my purse.

It's almost 10, and that's when the cab will take me to the mall.

I'm wearing as much Meg as I can ~ panties, hose, cinch (I tried without it and I need it).

I've shaved as good as I can and I have my contacts in.

I need an antiperspirant! Badly! I'm not badly panicked right now, but I'm not great.

I have enough time ~ I should get to the mall at 1030 which gives me 2 hours to get ready. I expect I'll need one, but I don't want to be squatting in a family restroom through lunch. I'll wander over to Macys or something and see if some nice lady will improve my makeup a bit. :)

Plan C, although I don't like it: if I can't use the restroom for some reason, I'll go to one of the salons and explain the situation and ask if I can use a back room in exchange for future consideration (a gift card).

Another alternative: there's a hotel very near the mall. BUT I just checked and they're full.

My cab is here and there is no Plan D.

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  1. This is getting very exciting...I feel like I am reading a mystery novel!


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