Thursday, July 1, 2010

Travel-Ready Meg

I have decided!

This is the outfit (click on the picture to make it larger) I will wear on my trip!

I think.

No, this is it. I'm sure of it. Unless I have a few minutes alone and I find something I like better ~ always a possibility. But it's unlikely I'll have a moment alone before the trip, since school is out and my boys are not camp kids.

The sleeves are long but can be pushed up, as in the photo. The skirt has a pleat on the bottom and is kind of swingy. A woman I worked with had a suit with a skirt like this, and I wanted to say "I have a skirt like that. Don't you love it?" but I never did.

I plan to bring both these heels and the flats I showed earlier.

I'll wear the heels as I walk to the nail salon. If they're not comfortable, I'll switch to the flats.

Although it doesn't quite go, I think I'll wear my lapus necklace and bracelet ~ they have no metal which is probably a good thing. You can see the lapus in my clothing swap picture. If I can find a black bracelet to go with my black necklace, I'll wear that instead. Sunday is the July 4th fair. We sell fresh lemonade to raise money for 4-H and there are always other people selling jewelry. I'll see what I can find (without my wife seeing, of course). You can't see them in the swap picture, but I'll wear my black-and-gold earrings. I have a close-up of one, just to give you an idea. They're from Koko and all of my Koko clip-ons are good for all-day wear.

Stana recently wrote about overdressing. I do the same. I think I'll be the 1-in-100 women in a skirt, and 1-in-1000 in heels as I walk through the airport. I'm not counting people who work there! It is a Monday, and maybe people are travelling from work and maybe I won't be so alone. But since I'll also be the 1-in-10000 obvious crossdressers, I'm not that worried.

I have decided to not bring any other Meg clothes on this trip. I'll be busy with work and I don't need the temptation of another drag (pun) on my time. But I'll still have my basics and there's a mall right next door to the hotel, in case my workload is lighter than expected. ;)

It's time to make my list and check it twice and hope everything goes nice.


  1. I think it's a lovely outfit, and you look very nice in it. SLightly on the dressy side perhaps, but nothing I haven't seen in airports (though less in the summertime when people tend to dress more casually).

  2. Meg,
    I like the outfit and wish you luck. I just flew out of town this week, en homme of course, and, as usual, I took note of what the women were wearing.
    The lack of women wearing hosiery really scorches my cookies. It seems that the only people supporting the pantyhose and stocking industries are crossdressers. At the airports I think only 5% wore pantyhose...including me being underdressed. In my view, one is not dressed if not wearing something on your feet. En homme I could not come to work without socks. I object to women coming to work without hosiery. Flip-flops should be banned. I saw a stand-up comic do a routing on flip-flops. He attributed the decline in the marriage rate to the un-appealing sight of someone's dirty feet.
    Like you and Stana, and many others, I am a committed overdresser. I think part of it is the need to compensate for the underlying structure.
    Keep up the good work and have a great Holiday.

  3. Some may think this choice is "overdressing" but considering what you have gone through to plan and prepare for this trip, it so works! I wish I had your nerve and ability to pull this off. I wish you the best and look forward to how it went for you.



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