Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thinking Chinese

I'm looking ahead to dinner after I get off the plane (and drive for an hour to my final destination). I may have had enough of Meg by then, or she may just look worn down by then, and I may change first. But if I don't, I'm trying to find a decent place for dinner where Meg will be relatively safe.

Right by the hotel there are a bunch of steakhouses, plus Hooters. I think I'll pass on those. There's an Olive Garden which is a possibility. But there are also a couple of Chinese restaurants. I'm guessing there's less of a chance to run into hostile guys at one of the latter. Guys at OG are likely to be there with spouses/dates. Chinese restaurants are less macho hangouts than steakhouses, bars, pubs.

Outback will wait until Tuesday. :)

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