Thursday, July 29, 2010

(The Real) Part Ten ~ Out of Sight

I went up to my room, and put down my luggage, laptop, dinner, and purse. My room was very close to the elevator and the elevator was very close to the ice machine so I got some ice ~ all I really wanted with dinner was cool water anyway. I ate, checked my e-mail, got everything ready for the next day's work, changed, and went to bed. The takeaway was pretty good. In fact it was better than expected. If I'm ever in Topeka again, I'll stop back there.

That's it.

But, really, that's not it.

When I shut the door and put everything down, I felt euphoric. I've spent two weeks trying to figure out how I felt and I still don't have the words or anything to compare it to. It felt like I just won the Indy 500? Maybe. I've never tried. Like I just took some major illegal drug? Dunno. I've never done that either. I felt GREAT. I felt like there was nothing I couldn't do, and I still feel that way two weeks later. I thought of going back out that evening since the mall was right across a parking lot, but knew I didn't have to, because I can do that Any Dam Time I Want.

I could barely stay seated. I kept noticing I was walking around the room, just enjoying how I felt and blowing off excess energy. Usually, I get home after a Meg day out, and I feel let down, not pumped up. I would kick off my shoes, take off my girl clothes, take out my contacts, remove makeup and nail polish (even though that could stay on at least overnight), and take that wig OFF.

That night, I did not want to change back. I never wanted to change back. I couldn't sit still and focus on my work, but with unusual foresight, I had done most of what I needed the day before. But I didn't want to change back and go to bed either. I felt good, I felt comfortable, I felt RIGHT. I did take off my shoes when I got in, but I put my heels on instead. I went more femme instead of less.

When I finally did change, I carefully hung up my top and skirt and put everything else away neatly in my luggage. I felt like, these things were good to me, I need to be good to them.

I wasn't planning on any more Meg outings this trip. I only brought the one outfit, and everything needed to be washed before going out on me again. But my wig and makeup and accessories were good, and there was a mall with Macy's, Burlington, JC Penney, and other large stores, plus a lot of smaller stores. If I was so inclined, I could get something new. If I was really so inclined, I could hand wash some undies, take out my outfit for an hour or so and try on something new to wear. I could walk back to the hotel, change into my new clothes and shop some more. Or at least try on some shoes (there was a Payless in the mall [and another across the street!], and see yesterday's post about Deb). I knew this was unlikely ~ I had a lot of work to do and not much time to do it.

I'm almost done. I'd love to thank everyone who's taken time out of their life to read this. I see about six more posts and then I'll shut up.

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  1. Meg

    Great post. It has been fun following your adventure. Please keep the posts coming. I do not think anyone out here in blogville want you to shut up.



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