Monday, July 5, 2010

You Look Familiar

Every so often, I go back to a site called myheritage. It's mostly for genealogy, but it has a cool face recognition tool. You upload a photo and it tells you who you most closely resemble. It's far from perfect. I've uploaded different pictures and gotten wildly different results, but there are always a few "core" people I get. Some are male, some are female. Some, I look at and just think "I wish!" and others I think "I hope not!"

The "celebrity morph" is new and I haven't tried it yet. The last time I uploaded a picture I tried their (then new) celebrity collage.

If some artiste could make me look like any one of these ladies, I'd go 24/7! Click on the picture for a larger image.

Try it ~ let me know who you look like.

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  1. In several of your pics, especially the one at the clothing swap, I thought you look a great deal like Alison Janney. In the pic above, I would say Stockard Channing. Clearly, my brain is filled with West Wing imagery.


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