Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Mixed Fourth

Good news: my family was away from 8 until 4
Bad news: I was with them. About a dozen kids run a lemonade stand for 4-H at a local fair.
Good news: I wore my girl denim shorts and girl sandals. No comments on my sparse arm/leg hair.
Good news: although I'm appalled at the hair that's grown back on my hands and arms, I noticed that it's pretty invisible from even a foot or two away. I'm more confident that limb hair will not give me away.

Good news: This is a big fundraiser. they took in about $1100.
Bad news: the back of my legs and the tops of my feet are quite sunburned
Good news: this is definitely NOT a showstopper. I have one week to heal and peel.

Good news: lots of people selling lots of interesting jewelry
Bad news: I've spent a lot on Meg recently, and the hotel room where I'll change is now $20 higher, so I was reluctant to buy anything.
Good news: I did find a nice bracelet and necklace set that would go well with my flying clothes
Bad news: I've spent a lot on Meg recently... I didn't buy.
Good news: I still have my lapus. And if I can find a black bracelet to go with my black necklace and earrings while I'm getting my watch battery, I'll be really happy.

So more good than bad. One week from tomorrow, I'll be flying pretty as the gurls on call it. I'm not quite the trailblazer I thought I was, but I'm still sort of unusual. If anyone tells me I've inspired them, I'll be a happier passenger.

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