Thursday, January 29, 2015

While at the Mall

As I said, I also got my haircut.  I have a long time hair... I hate to call her a stylist since there's little to style but I'll stay with that term.

I have a long time hair stylist, N, and I always try to have her do my hair.  I also know the shop owner from outside the salon (our sons went to school together and we socialise at the state chess tournaments).  Because of that, I've always been cautious about telling N about Meg and have not yet done so. 

On occasions where I didn't come from the salon first, she always trims my brows, has seen but not commented on my feminine jewelry, and knows my aversion to body hair.

But I've always implied.  And every time I go, I look for an opening but one never shows up.  It's a bit odd to just say "did I ever tell you about my hobby?"

While I was previously married, I never felt it was the right thing to do because of the school connection and I didn't want someone telling my wife that she knew; that would be wrong.  I didn't care if it went the other way.

This time, I went in and felt it was really time to tell her.

Except... it didn't come up.


  1. It didn't come up?

    Her: "What have you been up to lately?"
    You: "I just remarried. Would you like to see photos?"


    1. Alice, this was my pre-wedding haircut. I mean, my tresses needed to look their best under my wig. :)

      Maybe next time....

    2. Fair enough. I got my hair coloured and cut on Wednesday, and didn't have to come out to the woman doing it, as she had already seen me en femme. :-)

  2. Somehow, it feels to me like being ready and comfortable with telling is the important part. We grow and accept ourselves first, then trust others to do the same.
    BTW, and couldn't possibly let this go by... Hobby?? Really Meg? I'll believe it if you say it is truly so.

    1. I think "hobby" is the best way to explain it to civilians. "Lifestyle" comes across as unfathomable to some. I still like what my old manager asked when I showed her photos: "was this for a party, or is it something you do sometimes?" I admitted to the latter.

  3. Meg -

    Just mention that you got remarried, and see if she bites. You want to find out whether she is avoiding giving you the opening, or isn't sure of how to chat... (from what limited info you gave here..) If she bites, ask that what you say stays with her, then open up as you feel fit and feel safe....

    Good luck


    1. Secrets! I can't do that. It's as bad as stories!

      If I do or don't get an opportunity, I accept that my muse Thalia is pushing things in the direction I should go. I trust her.


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