Friday, January 2, 2015

Forward, Into the Past ~ Back to Halloween

Do y'all remember I had a "something new has been added" photo (copied here), referencing how I dressed to wander (a bit) and hand out candy (none) on Halloween?

The cleavage was something of a cheat.

I did my "minimal Meg" and wore a different Renaissance dress. I wanted to wear my new bodice.  I

also wanted to avoid damage to my expensive forms so I wore less expensive, more solid forms.  They are shaped chunks of silicone, which means the weight is right but they don't give like the filled forms do.  Still, that's what I felt I needed.

They also are only slightly concave in the back and they stick more firmly to my chest.  Mostly.  If my bra wants to shift they won't let it but I certainly can't go braless and expect them to stay in place.

I laced myself in the bodice as tightly as I could and then reached inside and pulled my skin (and forms) in to the center of my chest and up.  The bra moved with everything and the bodice held them in place.

Cleavage!  It's a perfect-storm kind of cleavage.  I couldn't do it without the bodice which isn't normal street wear, nor with my silicone-bag forms, nor with a different bra.

But wait until you see me at the next Renaissance Festival!

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