Friday, January 9, 2015

Around 11 on 12-13-14

I posted a picture a while back of my new ring.  It's a variation on a Claddagh ring, which we purchased at the Renaissance Faire in October.  A Claddagh ring has a heart, hands, and crown.  The artisan replace the hands with swans, which mate for life.  I bought one for Charity; she bought one for me.  We put them on in the "engaged" position (keep reading).

Charity and I were looking for an interesting looking ring at the Renaissance Faire.  I was thinking
My ring in "engaged" position
about an infinity motif but didn't see anything I really liked, then this caught my eye.

 The Claddagh is worn in one of four positions, with four meanings:

  • right hand, base of the heart away from you: looking for love
  • right hand, base of the heart towards you: dating
  • left hand, base of the heart away from you: engaged
  • left hand, base of the heart towards you: married

kind of what I was looking for

If you look at the picture I posted earlier (copied here) the ring is in the "engaged" position.  My divorce was finalised a few weeks earlier.

At around 11am, on 12-13-14, Charity and I had a small ceremony in which we reversed each other's rings.

On facebook, I changed my status and someone asked "who's the lucky lady?"  I said "clearly, I am."  I meant it.

I'll have more photos next week.

I SAID I should do something unique or interesting on that date.  This covers both. :)

OK, Bob.  I WILL


  1. Talking date & numbers: I married 22-11-88 (EU style of notation) and foolishly am still today.


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