Wednesday, January 7, 2015

If You're Not Man Enough to Join the Ladies....

This is a real thing.  I saw a groupon or something similar offering a discount.

From the website:

Old Towne Man Cave in Manassas, Virginia, is a men’s spa offering select services exclusively for men. This “man cave” environment allows you to be comfortable while enjoying relaxing activities in the company of other men, like having a beer and watching sports. 

You can be assured of our dedication to provide you with quality services. As a wellness physician (Tricia) and a former Navy SEAL (Mo), our owners ensure treatments are done properly and professionally. Enjoy our unique services and expert treatments, backed by more than 50 years of experience.

I don't get guys who want a feminine experience but aren't man enough to submerse themselves in the experience.  I can't see it as anything more than a gateway to, say, the Red Door salon near the mall.

What am I missing?


  1. Very interesting.
    Here is another in a similar vein: Also local, in Herndon.
    It may be less intimidating for men in that kind of atmosphere---but I'll bet it is still females providing the service---at least that's how I'd want it.

  2. It totally is... LOL

    That kind of reminds me of one guy commenting on getting facials. It seemed he liked to put a facial mask on the night before he went out on a deer hunt. Can you see some hunter/cowboy type, with an avocado peel mask on. Talk about contradiction.


  3. There's a place like that in my city called Fritz's, where they specialize in men's grooming. Haircuts and mens manipedis with no or clear polish, primarily, but they also do waxing. They are higher than the women's waxing places. They are, reportedly, popular among the gay/metrosexual crowd. Decor is early sports bar. There's also a hair chain called Sport Clips that is men only, same early sports bar decor, for those who think they will lose their man card if they go to Great Clips or Fantastic Sam's.

  4. Meg -

    Years ago, men used to get their hands manicured at the barber shop. However, as men started to ignore the subtleties of grooming, things like well manicured hands went out of style.

    It appears that this shop is making an effort to bring back the well groomed man, in a way that's not threatening. And this is good for us as well - having "man caves" for manicures gives us a way to talk about our "metrosexual" experiences without giving away the fact we are trans.....


  5. Y'know, if guys want to do girl things, they should just do girl things. You don't see a woman who wants to watch a hockey game only going to a women's game.


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