Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Great Value, Ladies!

I don't like most places that cater to crossdressers.  They mostly seem to exist to take advantage of customers.

The world's gotten better with access to internet shopping but it still has a way to go.

That being said, I really like Glamour Boutique.  I've only shopped on-line but they have three physical stores.  When I (Meg) was in Las Vegas, I forgot that they had a store there or I would have visited.  There's another store that's only a little out of my way when I travel between DC and New York City.  On one of my trips up or down I need to get over my anxiety over wanting to get to my destination without hitting horrible traffic so I can stop and visit.

I haven't purchased a lot from them, but that's more because of budget than desire.  I have bought breast forms from them in the past.  When I have questions about the products, I send an e-mail and always receive a rapid reply.

Recently, I was just browsing the site and I came across this (direct link):

Wider Full Teardrop Breast Forms - CLOSEOUT !
Budget Breast Forms !!!
List: $145.95
Price: $19.95

I had been thinking about getting a small form, to wear under civvies when I get the urge.  I've been wearing "chicken cutlets" occasionally and wanted something small but more breastish.

The $19.95 price only covers the smallest forms.   The largest size is about $70.  The largest would also give you a pair of 42DD/44D/46C's and probably a backache. The size 4 (38C) I prefer would cost $39.95.

The copy goes on to say:

Soft Silicone Wider Full Teardrop Breast Forms that give full cup coverage in bras. The flesh colored silicone moves and feels real to the touch and give you that sought after 'jiggle'. Darker and life-like perky nipples complete the look. A slightly concave back ensures a perfect fit against the chest so these forms fit perfectly in bras and can also be used safely with medical adhesives or tape. 

I haven't tried tape or glue.  I can attest that everything else is 100% accurate.  They're not as soft as my $180 GL-2000 forms but they're amazing.  I may get an extra pair of size 4's.  And yes, the price is per-pair.

I will mention that the nipple is evident but not as prominent as other forms I've tried.  And you can cover a nipple with tape if it seems to be too much, but going the other way is harder.

Glamour Boutiques says they bought a large batch of forms and have all sizes in stock but once they're gone, they're gone.

I was impressed by both the price and quality.  I hate to sound like an ad, but order a pair and you'll want to tell your (t-)friends too.

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  1. Meg, I saw those as I was looking for a set of forms to augment my A to B cup pads. I just measured myself and used the Bra fit app on the Hanes page. I came out as a natural 44-A. With the #5 form I was looking to fill a 40C. Thank you.



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