Tuesday, January 27, 2015

She Thinks I'm Joking

Prior to my wedding, I wanted to do my best to get all of the hair off my body.  I planned to wear tights and it's easy enough to shave my legs so I thought I would do them the night before.  My back and arms/shoulders are more difficult to clean up.  So I went back to my old salon lady.

I haven't seen her in a couple of years.  She has done my back and brows and maybe my arms before.  She knows about Meg ~ it's hard to get your brows done properly unless it's clear you want them girly, not just neatened.  She's seen photos as well.

She did my arms and back, as requested, and I had a not incredibly painful experience.  I also asked her to do my brows as long as I was there.  I reconsidered having her do my legs but didn't feel comfortable taking off my pants in the (closed room of the) salon, so I stuck with my do-it-myself plan.

For the dress I planned to wear, I didn't need to have my back done, but I like the feel of a hairless body.  Doesn't everyone?

After we were done, I was chatting with the receptionist/cashier while I paid.  I asked if they still used envelops for tips, and my waxy lady showed up and the cashier said "or you could just take care of her now."

The technician turned to the receptionist and said "he's getting married in a few days" and I said to her, "I have a dress picked out and everything."  The cashier smiled and, being funny, said "do you have a nice pair of heels too?"  I looked at my waxy lady and pointed at the cashier and said "she thinks I'm joking" and I turned and left.

As I left I heard her say "no, he's really going to wear a dress for his wedding" but not more of the conversation.

I did want to run down the mall so I could get my haircut as well ~ it was getting a bit long and I like my hair short under my wig.

After the haircut, I wandered around the mall, looking for a couple of things and found myself back near the nail salon.  The same woman was behind the register so I pulled a couple of Meg photos up on my phone and walked in and said "hi.  Remember me?"  She did and I said "I know you didn't believe me" and pulled up a photo for her.  My technician came over and wanted to see the pictures too, so I shared a couple and promised to return with pictures from the ceremony next time I was in the mall.

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