Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Man Up, Men!

Last week, I scolded men for going to a "man's spa" to get a girl treatment.  I guess that's how some guys rationalise getting facials, pedicures, manicures... you know, a "spa day."

Then on Daily Steals I found a link to their "Men's Fashion Bags" page.  I snapped the page in chunks which are displayed below.

I enjoy carrying a purse.  It's very handy, and I think as more guys carry tablets, phones (or phablets), those reward cards for everything, too many keys (and car keys have that bulky transmitter now) and on and on, more men will carry them.  The crossover bag I carry now has a compartment for my keys and a pen, lip gloss (or lip balm if you prefer), and breath mints; one for my credit and insurance cards in my small (Coach) wallet; and another for my phone.  I could carry my 7" tablet as well but I usually don't.  It's black and I'd like more colour and size and shape options.

So maybe the guys who are buying these are helping me to get the cute bag I really want.  Or to just carry one I already have in my closet!

A couple of more purse things: I believe I mentioned that when I bought my wig we walked into the store (me in drab) and the woman behind the counter looked at my bag and said "hey!  I have the same purse!"

At work, someone mentioned my bag ("is that a purse?") and I explained that I'd rather carry this than rip my pocket with my cash, credit card wallet, phone, keys....  Then I said "I haven't filled it yet."  When asked what I had in it I said "my credit cards, house keys, two lipsticks and a mascara" which got the laugh I was going for.  And yes, this is another "funny to civilian, not to T" line.



  1. I do get the impression that some lines are being blurred, however it will be a long time before all men will accept some of the pretty practical things that are now available to them.

  2. Meg -

    It's the same debate as "Action Figures" (when Marketed as G.I.Joe) vs. Dolls (when Marketed as Barbie). Men are afraid to take up good ideas when they come from women. What a sad mistake for half the species....



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