Monday, January 19, 2015

12-13-14: Anti-Climax

After the ceremony, we decided to grab a bite to eat.  Unfortunately, the minister and her wife had already left so it was just the four of us.  Star knew a place that had a nice brunch and was only two or three blocks away.

So we walked in our wedding finery to the restaurant.

Star was right: brunch was very good.  And in spite of it being kind of crowded with families and couples, no-one paid any attention to the overdressed happy couple at the corner table.

Oh... I've noticed a change in myself over the long years.  When I was in high school, photography was my hobby.  I'd roll my own film which I'd develop and print.  I'd get proof sheets of color work so I could just print the few (if any) pictures I liked from a roll.  I took a lot of pictures.

Now, I'm taking fewer pictures, even when Meg is out.  Sometimes, I'll get a picture before leaving the apartment and completely forget while I'm out.

I only have this from the restaurant, which Star was nice enough to take.

I took off my veil; Charity kept her tiara.


  1. What a pair of romantics!

    I suspect that as we get used to ourselves and going out becomes normal rather than an adventure, we no longer require the evidence and affirmation that a photo provides.

  2. i tend to be the same way . in hs and jr high i did my own black and white white developing and carefully framed my photo in the sLr view finder. now i don't seem to take as many photos with my dsLr like the old days with film. maybe it just doesn't present the same challenges like in the past. i have found that the auto feature seems to do almost as well as my manual settings. so the skill and challenge needed seems to have gone out of it. and it certiantly is a long way from my grandfathers day about 1910 of using glass negitives and view cameras in the early days of "dry" film (pre coated glass film) also most of the outfits i have photographed as with the tight ecomomy i haven't added much new to photograph. i use the photos like a full length merrior to see just how well an outfit comes together.
    congrads again to the 2 of you. you are sooo lucky to have found a companion.

    1. I gave my old manual SLR to a dear friend's daughter. Even after all these years of it just sitting on a shelf it was hard to part with.... And that self-timer gave me my first early looks at Meg. :)


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