Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Calling Maxwell (Maxine?) Smart

It's not a shoe phone.  It's not a shoe-phone holder.  It IS a shoe phone-holder.

When we were in New York, we wandered through several of the holiday markets that pop up in New York City in December.  One, Vikolya, had, among other girlygoods, phone holders that looked like high-heel shoes.

There were a lot of shoes at the booth, but I was drawn to this one.  It reminded me of my wedding dress and it now sits on my night stand.  I look at it and think about how nice that dress looked and felt and wish I had a pair of those shoes in my size to wear with that dress!

If you have a few minutes and like girly styles, peruse the site for a few minutes.  They have high-heel ring holders and wine bottle holders.  They have bra and purse ring holders.  They have the cutest jewelry stands, and a lot more.  It's worth scanning through the site just to see how you'd decorate your vanity area, if you had one.  And they're a small family-owned business ~ my favourite kind.  Two of the principals are Viki and Olya.  I'm guessing the Russian lady (wo)manning the booth was either Viki or Olya.

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