Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time Well Spent

Motherhood Maternity?  Oh, Come On!
After Aeify and I left Liz and the museum, we headed over to the Tucson Mall.  The mall wasn't anything special ~ it had the usual chains with the usual stuff.  We didn't really look at clothes, which is definitely the first thing I look for at a mall, especially when dressed.  Second is probably jewelry, followed by shoes and cosmetics.

Instead we just... walked and talked.  We looked at some things, we went into a couple of stores but it was a walking-talking day.

I did my other favourite dressed thing: I forgot I was dressed.  I was Meg, hanging with her new girlfriend.  I didn't even think to ask Aeify to take a picture until we were ready to leave and would you look at the choice of store in the background!  That's one store I'll never shop at!

I was at peace.  I think Aeify was having a pretty good time too.

I thought it was... I'm missing a word here.  Not "odd" or "strange."  "Unexpected," yes, but that's not the word I want.  I'll try to explain.

When I said I was going out to Arizona and I'd get to spend one "Meg" day, Aeify said she wanted to come out too.  I could not imagine why.  She lost Penny less than two months earlier.  She wanted to go to Tucson, of all places, and spend a bit of treasure for a one-day trip.

But as we chatted I learned that the furthest she had been from home was Orlando, and that was the only time she had ever flown.  She wanted to do what I do as Meg: step outside her comfort zone.

The same way I always have "firsts" as Meg, she wanted some "firsts" as an adult on her own.

Then I understood.

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  1. I could not have expressed it as well myself. Thank you for putting it into words!!


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