Friday, January 6, 2012

And Another Tactcial Error

(update to yesterday: I didn't beep)

(dact [don't ask, can't tell] note: in the bathroom, one of my coworkers said "do you know what I hate?  I hate when I dress in the dark and I put on my boxers backwards and don't realise it until I go to the bathroom later."  All I could say was "that's never happened to me" instead of "I wear panties.  I know when they're on backwards because the roomy side is on the wrong side.  And I never worry about the fly.")

At night, I get my clothes for the next day and I hang them in the spare bedroom.  I used to hang them in the bathroom, but I share that with the boys and with the camisoles and tights I've been wearing....  Let's say it's better to keep everything out of sight.

Last night, I put aside a silky (well, polyester, the poor girl's silk) camisole with lace trim around the neck.  I put that on the hanger with my shirt.  I also pulled out plain black tights, which I stuff into my shirt sleeve.

I used to change in the bathroom but it's more comfortable to change on the bed in the guest room ~ it's easier to put on the hose.

Today, well, it's hard to tell, but I think I'm wearing black pantyhose instead of tights.  I have a hard time telling them apart sometimes, but they don't seem as opaque or heavy, and the panty part seems thinner.

Standing up in my hose, they definitely look more like hose than tights but I noticed something: the part around the ankle and bottom of the leg is more opaque than the rest of the leg or the foot itself.

It seems to me that that's the way it stretches and that works out great.  I don't expect a problem today and now I have more choices.  I do have to experiment though ~ I have some pretty sheer black hose.


  1. I now find that about 90% of the time I dress in the spare bedroom. I have a drawer in a spare dresser where I keep most of my lingerie (panties, pantihose, etc.).

    I have always been up and out of the house most mornings before anyone else would wake up. It just made sense to dress in the spare room to not disturb others.
    The other day I confused my black pantyhose with black opaques. It happens. Whether it is in issue depends on the sheerness of the hose. There have been times when I was very aware of things and made sure that no one had an opportunity to look down at the space between my shoes and pant legs.

  2. In the house, I'm careful. Outside, I Don't Care.

  3. Meg:
    You're so pretty and stylish......
    I grew up in tights....they changed my life..... 19 years of ballet


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