Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Like Breakfast at Todd's

The half-hour or so drive to Todd's was unevenful and scenic.  Aeify enjoyed seeing new plants, architecture, roads.  I did too.  I wondered if one cactus evolved spikes and the other plants said "hey!  We better do that too or we're gonna get et!"

We pulled into the parking lot just ahead of Liz and we all had a nice breakfast.  The restaurant wasn't crowded.  Some small planes landed at the tiny airport right outside and the passengers and crew came in to eat.  (Pssst... order some bread so you can try the prickly pear jelly.)

The meal was totally uneventful, which is a good thing.  We were just three ladies having breakfast and I wasn't sure which made my smile broader: that the people around us treated us as three women, or that my two companions accepted me as one of them.  It doesn't matter ~ if they enjoyed breakfast, I savored every second.  Time spent with the ladies is heaven.  And Liz and Aeify are wonderful company.

My order was taken, I was served, I was asked if I wanted more coffee.  I paid the bill.  I was accepted as what I appeared, what I wanted to be that day.  It's an incomparable feeling, and readers who've been out know what I mean.  I hope the rest of you get to know it some day soon.

The drive to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (Liz corrected me on the name) is pretty straight-forward.  Go down one street, turn left, go down that street.  Liz wanted to take the more scenic route so we followed her.  We followed her past rows of fifteen foot Saguaro cactus: some were straight stalks, some had two or four or more arms, looking like a Vishnu or Kali or Shiva turned to vegetation.  There were clumps of prickly pear cactus near the side of the road, and countless barrel cactus scattered among various tough-skinned desert plants.  Other than a hawk or two we didn't see any animal life, but we saw plenty of that later in the day.

It was already a great day, and it was just starting.

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  1. You have definately found a way to make those boaring business trips FUN! Perhaps the software's not working exactly at planed because you need to visit Arizona again! I know, if you could only get it to work that way! But your boss is so impressed, that if they need you to stay an extra day you seem not mind at all! hope you can enjoy many, many, more happy days!!


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