Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stuff Happens...

...but whether it bothers one or not depends on how far you are on the "don't care" spectrum.

I've been wearing nice camisoles under my shirt for the past few weeks.  Normally, I wear a tank top under my shirt, or maybe something silky but in tank-top style so if it shows, it looks mostly normal.
But lately, I've been wearing newer, more opaque shirts and camisoles with thin adjustable straps in a variety of materials and colours and lacy flourishes.

A couple of Fridays ago, I was wearing a blue denim (women's) shirt with a pink lace camisole underneath.  One of the women in the office was behind me and she said "I think there's a hole in your shirt."  And she decided to manually check it out, trying to grab the material so she could see if it was, in fact, a hole.  It was actually a 7-shape cut, about 3/4 inch on each side and I was wondering if she'd see the cami underneath as I was saying "I believe you!  I'll check it later!"  It was low enough that, if my shirt was tucked in, it would have been hidden.  I prefer to leave casual shirts out.

If she did see it, she said nothing.

A few days later, I was walking out of the office, past the kitchen area.  My manager was talking to another techie and he was trying to make a point.  As I walked by, he said to me "isn't that right?"  Going along, I said "Absolutely.  I couldn't have said it better myself."  He laughed and put his hand on my back as I walked past.  Right on the adjuster on my camisole strap.

Again, if he felt something odd, he said nothing.  I almost hope there's some undercurrent about my underdressing.  I'd welcome coming out.

I think.

And in the self-immolation category, a friend started a political blog.  He's not getting a lot of eyes but he is getting a lot of spam comments.  I showed him how to limit that, and he did.

Then I posted a comment as "Meg."  He hasn't approved it, because he's not 100% sure it's legit.  He thinks there's some sort of spam comment he's still letting through.

I'm tempted to mention to my wife that he's being a dope, that I posted a comment under my "girl name" but this all falls under the Don't Ask, Can't Tell category.


  1. Most people only see what they expect to see, and if they do notice anything out of the odinary will probably not say anything, in case they are wrong.

  2. I as still far enough down the "care" spectrum that I cannot take too many risks of exposure. As such, I will not wear a bra or cami under a shirt if there is any chance of someone seeing a strap line or patting me on the shoulder or giving me a hug, etc.

    I do wear pantyhose daily but many years ago I would wear gartered stockings under my clothes when I was out of town and I had two very close calls. Once, when walking with my business visitee in a large mid-west city my stocking fell down and started to bunch around my ankle and peak out from under my pant leg. I shuffled along the street until we got to the building where we were headed and I could make it into a men's room. That was a very long few minutes.

    On another occasion I was at a business dinner sitting next to a young lady who had consumed several adult beverages and was being overly friendly, quite touchy/feely. I have been married a very long time and have never stepped out on my wife and would not do so. Nevertheless, I was being 'chatted up' by an attractive woman. As dinner went on she kept on touching my leg. When her hand was near my knee I was worried that she would sense the silkiness under my trousers. If I could anticipate a touch I would try to divert it but could not always do so if I had a fork, knife or drink in my hand. She then moved up my leg and her hand landed square on the garter tab. She kept her hand there feeling it as she looked at me. I was mortified and felt like a deer in the headlights. I was sure that she figured out what she had touched as she went back to touch it several times before I could make my escape. This was perhaps 15-20 years ago when I was in the "really care" phase. I can analgize the feeling to that of sitting in your car after being pulled over by the police. Adreniline is rushing everywhere.

    Thanks for reviving this old memory. I have never told this story to anyone so "Don't Ask...Can't Tell".

  3. Wow, I had a similar situation a few years back.

    I was underdressing wearing my bra in a grocery store, just running in for a minute. I had my leather jacket over the top and zipped up far enough that nothing showed. Just as I turned a corner, there was an old acquaintance who would not let me leave without a hug. If she felt the bra strap under the coat, she never said, but it sure scared the heck out of me. Made me realize exactly where I was on the "care" spectrum!

  4. There are times I wish I was out at work as well! I work in a predominantly female office and would love to get into fashion discussions with the ladies in my department. The only thing is I presume to have the same apprehension as you with the "I think" comment. What if the co-workers are not accepting? What if I lose my job? I absolutely love my job and couldn't handle losing it.


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