Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Majority Rules

Right now I'm swamped and don't have time to do my next "trip" post, which is dinner with the ladies. There are still two posts for that trip, and today I'm heading back to Arizona.

I'll be in the office this afternoon, putting in a full day tomorrow, and hopefully getting out midday on Friday. My plan: drive to Tucson, change, shop, synagogue (why not?), dinner with someone, I hope, and back to Virginia Saturday morning.  I can't spend an extra day in Arizona this time: it's taking a toll on my "Meg" budget.

Anyway, I've packed light ~ well relatively light.  Meg still takes most of my luggage space.  The breast forms, properly packed, and shoes take half of my bag.  I'm bringing only the makeup I need ~ not like last time.  And just two pair of earrings and bracelets, just because I haven't made up my mind and they don't take a lot of space really.  I do have two pair of tights, because they're different enough that I need to decide what to wear.  One is grey with a pattern; the other is black with vertical stripes.  The stripe pair are not for work: the non-black part is mesh, not material.

And my only outfit is the black and white dress.  My readers have spoken!  I actually like the block one best, but I have little sense of style.

While I'm rambling, I'll leave you with a lesson learned:

I have decided I like lip gloss, and it is now part of my daily routine.

I switched from "clear" lip gloss to gloss that is basically my colour.

The picture here was taken in the little cafe across from my hotel in Sierra Vista.  I put on my gloss before breakfast, and expected to freshen it after I went back to my room, before heading to the office.

When I looked at the cup ~ surprise!

Before I finished my meal, I wiped off the cup.  I didn't want the staff to think I had been given a cup with lipstick on it!

At work in Arizona, I use a styrofoam cup.  Yes, I leave lip marks on it.  No, I don't much care.  I also stopped cleaning the mugs at the restaurant.  If anyone looks and says anything, I'll say "it's OK.  It's mine."

Why the heck not.

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