Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monty by Jim Meddick

The poll's still open but I think You Have Spoken.  Scroll back a few days to see the dresses.

The strip Monty was originally known as Robotman.  I didn't know the early history; I think I want to find some of those earlier strips and catch up.  I've been reading it for at least ten years ~ I started when it was called "Robotman and Monty."  In that time, they added a time traveler named "Doc" (the old man) and a robot called "EB-3" (the robot), who's the focus of this little sequence.   Monty's the other guy.  You can catch up with them right here.  Click to make each easy-to-read.  And it might help to know that EB is in love with Monty's vacuum cleaner and apparently has quite a thing for them.

I LOVE This One!

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  1. It's bit like the User Friendly comic strip that features an AI - which usually lives in a small 70's workstation box. And a furball programmer. Funny how weird seems normal when there are computer geeks around!


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