Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tights or Pantyhose?

Can someone tell me what women are wearing?  I see a LOT of black-clad legs and I'm not sure if they're hose or tights.

I know if there are patterns, they're pretty much tights.  If they're odd colours, they're tights.

I'm guessing tights are "in" this season.

I need to know soon.  I'll be out and about Friday night and Saturday and I don't want to make a fashion faux pas.


  1. Like many in our community you occasionally tend to obsess about nomenclature. To start with many of us stress out over what to call ourselves. Are we CDs, TVs, TG, TSs...the list goes on and on.

    Now you throw the pantyhose/tights issue onto the table and I am worried that you may be starting something like the dispute over which end of the egg to break that caused so much strife in Gulliver's Travels.

    For many years I purchased my hosiery from a mail order company known as "Silkies". I have been happy with their product and service.

    For several years they had a product they called "Opaque Pantyhose". A few years ago they added another product they called "Microfiber Tights". There are some minor differences in the texture and hand of the two products but I find the item they call 'tights' to be more sheer, shiny and fragile than the older product that they called 'pantyhose'.

    I think that either product would be perfectly fine and quite consistent with what many women are wearing today.


  2. I would go with tights. They are certainly in fashion. Pair them with boots and a knee length skirt or dress and you're money. I'd stick to a darker color--brown, grey, navy, and maybe a plum. I do like red, but not everyone can pull it off. Even though winter has been mild, you'll appreciate the warmth. Plus, with tights you can skip shaving.

  3. In the UK they're the same thing, maybe life is just easier over here

  4. For pleasing texture you cannot beat those microfiber tights IMHO.

    As to what is in, I rely on my fashion guru Kasmira from Cinci who has been wearing tights (and very colourful ones at that) since early in the fall.


  5. I agree with Pat. Leaving aside the issue of cross-Atlantic clothing term inconsistencies, I doubt I could tell the difference between hose and tights. In fact, I didn't even know there was a difference until I saw your survey - I thought they were two different words for the same thing.

    (And no, I don't own any. Hate the things! I wore tights to work every day when I lived in England and I just can't stand the way they feel.)

    Just consider, if you can't tell which someone is wearing, they won't be able to tell which you are wearing either. My BFF wore patterned black somethings on NYE and I have no clue where they would fall on the stockings/pantyhose/tights spectrum. Nor do I have any desire to ask her! They looked good, and that's all that really matters, right?

  6. OK, now I'm going to throw another log in the fire!

    (using US terminology here)

    What I'm seeing more is not pantyhose, mostly sheer like these,

    or tights, (mostly opaque, with feet, like these -

    What I'm seeing more now, especially in black, is leggings, usually non footed, come in many styles, look GREAT with boots, offer great coverage, and look like these -

    If you've never tried on a pair of leggings, do it! The ones I have are incredibly soft, hug my legs, and do look great with boots. They do offer quite a bit of warmth, so these are definitly not for warm climates. When you see them in stores, you will think, "I'll never fit in those!" but they stretch much like tights and the fit is really nice.

    Paula posted a great picture on her blog of a gal in a skirt, leggings and high heal boots. Here it is, (first pic in the blog)


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