Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tactical Error

I have to go to the customer today.  I don't like going partly because of traffic, partly because of security.  For a fifteen minute drive we need to allow 45 minutes so we can go through metal detectors and x-rays and sign in.  Computers have to be signed in separately.

Three facts:
1. If you set off the metal detector, they don't send you back through.  They wand you and check you head-to-toe, including having men pull their pants legs up to above the top of their socks.
2. I rarely set off metal detectors.  There's a trick, which I'm not at liberty to share.
3. Recently I've been wearing tights.

If I set of that alarm they're going to need me to raise my pants legs over my head.  I'll be with four or five co-workers.

I sure hope this doesn't make us late for the meeting!


  1. I had that exact situation entering a Federal Building a few years ago.
    After putting my 'stuff' on the conveyor belt for the metal detector and walking through the screening machine the Federal officer decided I needed wanding and he was down wanding my shoes when he ordered me to raise my suit pant legs. compliance clearly revealed my off black pantyhose above my black socks. Since I was not wearing an ankle holster for a gun or knife I was allowed into the building.

    Just another "Don't Ask...Can't Tell" episode for this CD.

  2. I want to see you raise your pants legs over your head with your pants still on!! That would be a sight whatever you had on underneath, I bet they wouldn't notice a thing LOL!


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