Thursday, January 26, 2012

Won't You Please, Please Help Me

I just found out that I'll be taking a quick trip to AZ again next week.  I hope to meet someone for dinner, and I want to visit Alice Rae's (and I bet Stana will love the picture on their home page!) if I can get there early enough.  I'm losing a day to training, so I may not be able to.

I will try to get to services again.  That was pleasant.

Earlier today, I had a chance to try on three possible dresses.  Please let me know which you like the best.  My apologies for the cel phone pictures.  I hate them, but time was limited.  It gave me two choices: grainy or a flash in the middle of the photo.  I took the best of a poor few.

Please vote for your favourite in the little poll to the right.

The Black-and-white and block print are both poly with a bit of spandex so they're light and stretchy.  The purple is heavier, and has a short zip in the back.  It's all solid except for the sleeve detail.

I'll wrap up my last trip to AZ next week, just in time for my next trip!

Update: Ten votes in.  I don't want to influence anyone, but last time I wore a different black-and-white to the same place.  If y'all think that's cool, keep on voting for it!

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