Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Brought WHAT?

I opened my little cosmetics bag last night, hoping to do a "dry run" for the weekend, or at least organise my choices.  Instead, big things are happening at work and the entire project is being thrown into chaos.  So I had homework.

But I did, as I said, open my little cosmetics bag to see what my choices were.

Did I ever mention that I overpack?

I have some bandaids for my li'l toes, which sometimes get blisters and really keep me from enjoying my Megtime.

I have a cover stick, and an eyeshadow primer, and some blush.

I have an eyelash curler and eyelash/eyebrow brush.  I don't see my other brushes!  Dam!  I may pick something up, or I may just make do.

I have a small scissor and special brush to help trim brows.  I also have a brow pencil and a lip liner and a sharpener and a lipstick brush.  I have an eyeliner pencil ~ two actually, because the one I usually use is getting short.

I have foundation and powder (both Clinique.  I think they're the best variety and value in any department store!).

I have makeup remover, and three different lip balms (I didn't notice!  Honest!)

I have two mascaras, by design.  I never know when one is going to be a bit old and cake or clump or be dry or run out so I take a second.  I also checked my foundation to make sure I had enough or I would have taken a second bottle.

(By the way, I tried both mascaras to see which I prefer ~ both have problems.  The top looks OK but not great and they both seem to clump on the bottom.  Back to the CVS or Dillards.)

Now it gets weird.

I have three lipsticks and five (!) lip glosses.

I have a purple eye shadow.  I have a buttercream eyeshadow.  I have a palette of four, two palettes of three, and a matched pair of palettes (3 colours).

Apparently, I don't make decisions as much as I defer them.

And while I'm at it....  Why the heck did I bring NINE pairs of earrings, a watch, a black bead necklace and FIVE matching bracelets, a "pearl" necklace and bracelet, a lapus necklace and bracelet, two other necklaces and two other bracelets, and exactly ONE RING (a fairly plain band)?

Part of the problem is, even though I take my time, I pack in haste.  I have to grab things while the family is otherwise occupied and I don't have time to see what I'm bringing, or to just lay everything out like I did just now to decide what goes with which outfits.  I'm tired of carrying excess items.  I'll try to use this as a "lesson learned" and next time put out each outfit and one, maybe two sets of jewelry that I think will complement it.

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  1. It is a good thing that you had scaled down and did not overpack. I know how that can get out of control. LOL


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