Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Up

Saturday morning, I planned to take Aeify to Liz's favourite breakfast place where we'd all meet up and then head to the Sonora Desert Museum, my favourite place in Tucson.

After I showered and put on my cover stick and foundation (and clothes!), I called Aeify and asked her to come down and do my eyes.

I've had a few women do my makeup before, and there's always a problem.  The same problem.  They want to do something "subtle," like most women would like.  I need a plasterer.  Many of us do.  I'd love to learn how to do more contouring with blush and bronzer and powder.  I'd like to try to minimise my nose and change the shape of my face somewhat.  Teddy, who did my makeup twice, was a whiz at this.  I'd look in the mirror after she did my makeup and I'd see an almost-pretty stranger looking back.

Aeify has some experience with girls like me.  She had a little heavier hand, and she knew what she was doing.  She had a palette for blue eyes which she left for me as a gift.  My eyes looked great when she was done.  She used a lighter eyeliner than I do, and used less.  The shadow colours looked superb.  And, idiot that I am, I didn't think to get a closeup of my eyes.  As I said, I hardly have any pictures from Saturday.

She did my blush as well, and used a light hand because she said she usually uses too much.

Shhh....  Don't tell her, but I added a coat of mascara and a little more blush, because, well, I like a bit more colour (since I put powder over my face) and I love mascara.

I did my lips in the same combinaation of colour and gloss as the night before, put on my wig and shoes and we were off with about fifteen minutes to spare.


  1. I was so honored you trusted me to do your eyes! I thought the shadow looked pretty good, you have great lids to work with, better than my own! Ok, I should have given you another coat of mascara and I really was worried about giving you clown cheeks, Penny always said that I looked like I wore way too much blush and didn't trust me with it LOL!


  2. Hah! I find I'm much less skilled/experienced with make up than the "girls like you" that I know, so I let them give me tips. My knowledge was all gleaned from teen magazines in the mid 1970s, so it isn't something I'd want to inflict on anyone else. My mother was highly allergic to most makeup, and her collection was limited to a single lipstick that she saved for weddings and other special occasions. I think she'd have been quite happy if I'd followed in her footsteps...


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