Saturday, January 7, 2012

There's Something About Ralph

Pulitzer prize winning artist Mike Peters has been producing Mother Goose and Grimm since 1984.  Peter's editorial cartoons are outstanding, and Grimm never gets old.  Yes there are books (and if you follow the magic link and buy anything on Amazon, I get a rupee).  And yes, I have a couple of badly dogeared (sorry) books.  I always mark the best cartoons.

Ralph, the pooch featured in these cartoons has done the dress-up bit before; he was in my blog once before.

This time, it looks like an excuse.  Which reminds me... I need to try to catch the bouquet at the next wedding.

I apologise for the captions.  My muse made me.

See?  He knew.  It was a plan to get into the dress.

Reminds me of my own wedding.

And he still fits into the dress!

Duh.  You look too eager.

There's Something About Mark Trail, Too!

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