Thursday, August 25, 2011

That Dating Poll

The dating poll was much more straightforward than my Gender Orientation poll, but it's still not simple.  The results are reposted at the end.

Before I forget, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to answer.  I really appreciate it.

You could choose more than one answer, and there were 85 responses from 54 polltakers, so many of you checked more than one box.  I'll be making some assumptions, so bear with me and feel free to tell me why you think I'm wrong.

The last question

10. Only girls for me.

got 20 responses.  Assumption number one: these 20 only ticked one box (although it's possible they also ticked question 2).  That leaves 65 answers for 34 respondents.

The first three questions go together:

1. I had a guy chat me up.  He clearly wanted it to go further, and it did.
2. I had a guy chat me up.  He clearly wanted it to go further, but it didn't.
3. I've had fantasies about a boy-girl date with me as the girl.

Seven people selected "fantasies," and seven actually had the experience.  I was surprised that five said they had at least some boy-girl action, and only two didn't.  I really find this interesting.  I wonder what the circumstances were for those five.  Were they in a situation where they might expect to hook up (gay bar, trans meeting with admirers present, something else?) or was it just a chance encounter, like Z in the original poll post?  If it was just something that happened, did they think they'd react as they did?  Was it just difficult to say no?  That would be two girl experiences in one.  And how about the other two?  Did they say no, did the guy change his mind, was it in an inappropriate location and you had nowhere else to go?

I'm in the question 3 camp.  But if a guy came on to me, I'd be in the #2 category.  But sometimes, I really don't know.

The next questions are for gurls who are interested in dating.  If I moved from fantasy to reality, I'd go with #4.  But maybe....  Let's look at the numbers:

4. I've dated guys, but it's like going out with my brother.
5. I've dated guys, and it's like going out with my new boyfriend.
6. I've dated guys, and it's like the red light district.
7. I want to date a guy, but I haven't yet.

Maybe the distance between 4 and 5 is too far.  It went from "no touching" (3 people) to "kissing or more" (16 people).  Maybe the gurls who dated had dinner, saw a movie, held hands, and just had a goodnight kiss on the cheek.  I could see myself there.  But maybe they had a necking session.  Or something more intimate.  This is really a category that needs a "fill in the blank" or "tell me your story."  And if anyone wants to, I'd love to hear it, either in a comment or e-mail.

Three people ticked #6.  I'm guessing we've reached the gender orientation: female/sexual orientation: gay slice of the pie.  I guess "drag queen" is the label (said the lady who hates labels).

Fourteen people went with #7.  I wonder if their fantasy is 4, 5, or 6.  Mine is 4, absolutely.  I think.  As I said.

The last group reversed the dating question: you're out with a t-gurl.

8. I want to date a t-gurl.  I'll show her a nice time.
9. I want to date a t-gurl.  I'll be on her like white on rice.

Eleven chose #8.  Here, I'm sure I'd be in that category, although if she was interested, I might hold hands or offer a kiss goodnight.  I do know I'd be uncomfortable treating her like a hot date.  I might do it, as a role-play, I think.  Or if I could convince myself it's a role-play.

If anyone wants to expound on how they answered, there are always comments (and if you write "private" at the start I won't post it) or e-mail.

The complete poll results:

Dating? You can check more than one answer, if appropriate
1I've had an experience like Z's, including a bit of necking5
2I've had an experience like Z's, but it never went anywhere2
3I've had an epiphany like Meg's, and I'd like to try a date7
4I've been out with guys when dressed ~ no touching!3
5I've been out with guys when dressed, and kissing (or more) was involved16
6I'm a slut when dressed3
7I've always wanted to try an opposite=gender date while dressed14
8I'd go out with a t-girl when I'm in drab and treat her like a lady11
9I'd go out with a t-girl when I'm in drab and treat her like any other hot date4
10I've dated only girls in the past, and girls as far forward as I can imagine20


  1. I commend you for your efforts in trying to introduce some form of definition into a completely eclectic group but it may be that trying to glean trends or practices from a poll of CDs or TGs (I am at a loss to even define the polling audience) is like trying to herd cats. We have some traits in common but many others where we are just flat out different.

    The last time I dated a woman other than my wife was during the Nixon administration. As much as being CD is an integral part of who I am it is no where near as significant as being true to my wife in all matters of affection.
    I am a good hand shaker and will sometimes even hug an old pal (male or female) but, at least as for me, any type of dating is just not in the cards.

  2. I probably should have written "play date" instead of "date" each time.

  3. Meg, as I've mentioned, I'm definitely in the #3 camp but found it very flattering on the couple of occasions when men approached me. I'm glad I made it clear to these gentlemen that I enjoyed chatting with them but that was as far as it would go. While I'm sometimes frustrated and a little hurt by my wife's attitude toward my crossdressing, our relationship too important to jeopardize.

    Having said that, I have to admit that when one very nice gentleman stroked my upper arm gently, I did find it thrilling. I let him continue for a second or two before I asked him to stop. He did stop and I'm glad he did. 99% glad.


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