Thursday, August 11, 2011

No More Body Shaving!

At least as of two days ago.  I really like looking down and seeing hairless hands, so I may try to keep them clean, but as for the rest....

As I mentioned, I'll be in Cape Cod next week and my hair situation is odd (it usually is).  Right now, my back and neck have been waxed, my chest is shaved down to the nipples, my arms and underarms and legs are clean (although that grows back rather quickly).  Hopefully, it'll normalise enough for shirtless and shorts activities next week.  If not ~ No More Stories.  I'll think of the right way to tell the truth.

I need to write up my clothing swap and dinner with Vanessa.  Please give me a few days ~ because the house on the cape is small, I may not be able to write until I return.  I will have a Meg photo from the swap tomorrow!

The short story: Meg had a fun time at the swap and if it wasn't 100 degrees inside the building she would have had more fun.  But she spoke with a lot of lovely ladies and that was really my stress point: talking to people, not going out.  Vanessa is an interesting gurl and I like her.  I hope we can meet again, dressed or not.

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