Monday, August 1, 2011

"So Anyway, Meg, What Did You Buy?"

Oh yeah.  House slippers.

Well, I looked at many but most were not in my size.  I had a few options left.
Daniel Green "Nikki"

I liked the Daniel Green "Nikki".  They had only this colour in my size.  Black, chocolate, rust ~ not in 11.  I was tempted, but I wasn't sure about that little rivet pattern on the front.  I mean, I wasn't sure how my wife would react, so I left them in the store.

Minnetonka Kitty Suede Moc
I also liked the Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moc.  I like the fringe, and it kind of related back to my past life regression episode.  I wasn't crazy about the colour (medium grey suede) though.  And even though they had eleven colours, that was the only one in my size.

Daniel Green "Meg"
They had the Daniel Green Meg in gold leather in my size.  But I had two problems with this slipper: one, I didn't think leather slippers would be really comfortable, and two, they are hideous.  But I liked the name :D .

I like the fact that sometimes, women's clothing (and wigs) are named as if they're your friends, instead of your wardrobe.

Minnetonka Cally Slipper
I went with the Minnetonka Cally Slipper.  It's a fairly traditional moccasin, and this is the only colour (cinnamon suede) they had in my size.

But instead of ordering it from Zappos, I went to Amazon where I found it a bit cheaper and if you buy it (or anything else) there by following this link, I get a rupee, or something.  But the real reason I bought it from Amazon is, I bought Meg a couple of other items at the same time.

Six days until the clothing swap.  Eight days until Meg hits the road again.

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