Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Office, Part III

I mentioned K (here and here) and OM (here).  Quick summary: K is the office fashionista, who seems to have more shoes than Nordstroms; OM is the office frump, where every day is "same dress, different colour."

I decided to take notes for a week.  For clarification, OM wore a short sleeve, square collar, below-knee, back slit, back zip dress.  All that changed is the colour.  Black or white flats complete the ensemble (and I use the word loosely).

DayK, The Style QueenOM, The Predictable
Monblue fitted oxford-style shirt + men's style slacks + stiletto pumps black
Tuegreen short puffy sleeves button down fitted blouse + black short skirt + chunky heel, open toed, patterned shoes turquoise
Wedblue cashmere sweater, grey wool slacks, cheetah-pattern open-toe heels cobalt blue
Thured-based block pattern belted knee-length shirtdress, bone/snakeskin open-toe heels pea green
Fripurple button-down blouse with lace fringe, black slacks, mid-heel shoes teal

I really appreciate women like K.

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  1. Do either K or OM wear stockings or pantyhose? If so, is it often or rarely? If so, do they vary their hosiery selection by color, design, sheerness...etc.?
    Inquiring minds want to know.


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