Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Gets In The Way

I have the house to myself from yesterday midday until tomorrow midday.

My original plan:

Monday evening: I was looking at local meetups.  There are a couple of political ones, and several "meditation" meetups.  I ignored the dance, run, exercise meetups.  Most start around 7, which means Meg could easily attend after work.  Many have just one attendee, which did not interest me.  A few had five or so, which I thought would be just right, even for an introvert.

Tuesday I was to take a day off from work.  Go into DC.  I've been in touch with one of my original makeup ladies; she suggested we get together downtown and we'd go around a bit.  I think it'd be fun to show how I've grown (it's been a number of years, and even though I don't practice as much as I'd like, I know I'm better than I was then, even with her expert help).  I was looking at local events Tuesday evening (and didn't find any).  I shouted out to the local TG "going out" group and heard nothing back.  I looked at Meetup groups I could crash again.  I did hear from Vanessa, who recently moved to my area (actually, we're practically neighbors now) and we're scheduled to meet for dinner tonight.  Vanessa and I missed each other when I was in Richmond (my fault) and I'm not going to miss her again!

Wednesday I was going to go into work late so I can put everything away in a neat, orderly way so I can find everything next time (like my favourite makeup, jewelry by style and colour, etc).  I have dreams I can fly too.

Life intervenes.

My wife has a little family get together Saturday in New York.  We'll all go, but instead of returning Sunday, she procured a little house on a salt marsh in Monument Beach.  That's right at the western edge of Cape Cod.  So we'll go from New York to Cape Cod and stay there for a week.  Unfortunately, I only have four days of vacation time right now ~ new job and all.  My job bills in two week, eighty hour intervals so I can take off five days next week if I can work six days this week.  So taking off Tuesday is out.  Working ten hour days is in.

It's a no-brainer.  As enjoyable as a day as Meg is, I just had one, I'll have dinner with a girlfriend, and I'll get to spend a few days fishing and being with my family.

If any gurls are up in that area and want to get together (alas, I'll not be Meg that week) let me know.

So I have a new schedule.

Monday: Closets Are for Clothes
So I spent last night organising tops.  Tops are slower going than skirts.  To try on skirts, I just need a cinch and time.  I tried on about two dozen skirts in about 45 minutes.  That's all of the skirts I have on hangers.  I have many more in boxes but I didn't get to them yet.  One type of clothes at a time.  I mean, I'd rather have some dresses, skirts, tops logged than only skirts and no idea what to wear with the one I like.  Right? 

For tops, I need a cinch and bra with pads.  So just getting started takes longer.  Then instead of pull on/pull off there are buttons or snaps or ties or sleeve buttons or any combination you can think of.  I tried about fifteen in over an hour.  A couple went into the swap bag.

Dresses, you're next!  Then camisoles. 

I tried on the skirt and shoes I picked up at the swap.  Yes, I'll write about the swap before I go away next week.  And I'll be posting from the capeI also had an excellent idea: photo inventory of Meg's clothes.  I need to figure out a good place to lay out or hang up the clothes so I can see the length of skirts and sleeves and I can take pictures of everything in my closet.  (Or I could just wear each.  Duh.)  What I do now is, I dig through the closet and say "I didn't remember I have this!  And it still has tags on it!" and then I wear something else that I was looking for and the new clothes gets sad and lonely.  Or I start trying to match the new item and get way behind schedule.  Yes, it's fun, but my time is often tight.  It would be better to see a montage of skirts, pick what I want, regardless of where I am, or who's around.

And now I know what I'm going to wear to dinner: my black and white dress.  Or maybe a purple fitted top and black tiered skirt.  Or a  black flower design long sleeve top and different black skirt.  Or a salmon cap-sleeve shell and a long multi-coloured skirt with my new gold jewelry and those tangerine wedges.  Or one of my block print dresses.  OK, I am NOT going to wear my long purple pleated skirt.  Well, maybe if I pair it with....

Vanessa!  I may be late! :D
Tuesday: Girls' Night Out
I'll be meeting Vanessa tonight for dinner.  Vanessa is far more out than I am.  Dana, the girl I had dinner with in Colorado, is far more out than I am.  I think I'm trailing the field.

Wednesday: Once More Nothing
But a day and a night out over the course of a few days is better than most months!  AND my clothes are more organised.  And I *did* wear a skirt and blouse when I got home on Monday.  Of course.

Please take the poll.  Details are in my introductory post.  I'll have dating poll results soon.  And notes from the clothing swap.  So far, it looks like I'll need to think about a questionnaire, how to distribute it, how to collect reponses, what they mean....  I may need to work with a pro on this.


  1. Another great post that hit some many buttons...not just those on blouses.
    My wife is often after me to cull the crop of 'girl' clothes. I really have a hard time tossing items from Pat's wardrobe...primarily because they have not had adequate wear and/or they are favorites that get all the wear and/or both, etc.
    Then, on the rare occasions when I can get out I run my entire wardrobe through my head for days making multiple final decisions on what I will wear out. Then when it is time to get dressed to go out I stand frozen in front of the closet picking and tossing and testing and rejecting to the point where my planned 'get ready' time is chewed to nothing.


    PS: I have had a few time limited opportunities but I really have a hard time doing the change over when the temperature is as hot as it has been.

  2. I did a photo inventory of my "closet" a few years back, by wearing each item (sometimes in combination with something else--blouse and skirt, for instance) and then doing a photo session. I did the photos as a "tryptych"--facing left, facing right, and from the back. Now, everytime I acquire something new, I do a tryptych to add to the set. You can see them all on my Flickr page, in the set called "in my closet":



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