Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Clothing Swap Day!

And I am not prepared!  I still don't know what I'm going to wear.  I don't know when my wife and son are going to leave.

Last week, I carefully planned my hours so I could take off early on Thursday and shop a bit before heading home.  I was going to look in a department I've never looked in before ~ activewear ~ for a comfortable top (explanation below), and of course for a new dress.  (No luck though.  I'll write about shopping soon.)  Friday I have a set schedule: I have to leave at 2 to get to the 4-H fair and help my son.  And my contract insists on 40 hours per week, no more, no less.

So of course I ended up in a meeting at leaving time on Thursday.  No matter.  I left earlier Friday and did my shopping first.

In my ongoing search for something to do on Tuesday, I looked to meetup.  There are a lot of meetups on Tuesday in Virginia, DC, and nearby parts of Maryland.  Many involve runs or walks or other exercise.  Many involve dancing.  A few are "ladies only" events which I'd love to crash but I don't want to make other people uncomfortable.

There were quite a few meditation meetups though, and that sounds like something Meg could do.  I'm waiting to see if there are any both nearby and with a few members attending.  Most just have one person attending, and I'm not comfortable with that.  I still have two days though!  And that's why I was looking for a comfy top ~ something that would work with a loose skirt for meditation, or maybe with sweats (I have Danskins that I bought for around-the-house wear years ago) for yoga (there were a few yoga meetups too).

Changing plans once again, my wife decided we could go out for breakfast.  That should work in my favour ~ if we get out early, then they'll be ready early and I'll have plenty of time to shower, shave, dress, buy soft drinks, and enjoy the swap.

I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night.  When I'd wake up, I'd be anxious.  That used to happen for about a week or more before I planned to go out.  Lately it's been gone completely.

What's different?  I thought about what started the adrenaline and it was Being With Other People, not the dressing part.  Being an introvert is a pain.


  1. Meg, hoping you have a good day today. I hate changing plans! :)
    Hoping to make a meeting one of these times

  2. I believe, I don't agree with comments after "surprise". I was thinking that she,(your wife) may feel your enthusiasm, over the clothing swap and wanted to join in. Understanding, that you son would pose a problem, but maybe she's a little jealous of your interest in the swap!

  3. So, how did it go?


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