Tuesday, August 23, 2011

White, White, White, White, White, White, Pink!

I spent a week in Cape Cod with my wife, my youngest and his friend, who I shall call Shrug because he'd go along with anything with just a shrug.

Me: "Do you want to have pizza or get tossed in the lion cage?"
Shrug: *shrug*

Anyway, we were crammed into a small house and of course there were no crossdressing opportunities.  There was not even a chance I could wear my nicer panties, because we were always in each others way, and since we each had our own bags it would be obvious who the undies belonged to.  So other than my (girls) sandals, (girls) shorts, (girls) socks, and bracelet, I was all male that week.

As I mentioned previously, I don't have any male underwear anymore.  I do have white cotton briefs, like these. (Oh look, an Amazon link [hint, hint].)  So I brought those along.

But for the last day, I had some nice stretchy Jockeys (these in "petal") hidden away in a compartment in my bag.  No chance of someone coming across these (in my size) in the dirty clothes bag before heading home!


  1. Welcome back
    It is important to many of us to have some 'femme' items with us or on us. While full dressing is often difficult due to time, space and opportunity needs, it is often comforting to underdress or partial dress.

  2. SO... How things shaking?...
    Hope the quake did upset stuff too much!! hope, your clear of, and Safe!
    Karen :)

  3. Earthquake: an interesting experience. All is well here. My OH was in the car, closing the garage door and she thought the door seriously scraped against the rear of the car. :)


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