Monday, August 22, 2011

Help a Friend

Back in February, 2005 and December, 2006, when Meg was first stepping out, I used a makeup lady to help me.  I originally found her on Craigslist (I posted a "wanted" ad) and she's the only one I used twice.  I think I used three other ladies during that time and then I started to solo, although I occasionally used salon makeup ladies since then, partly because it's very enjoyable.  I never love the results though.  They use a much lighter hand than I need to disguise the male me.

I still keep in touch with Teddy.  She does a lot of eclectic things as part of a creative career.  I first heard of the fringe festival through her, although I didn't see her perform.  She sends out general astrological e-mails, usually at the new moon.  Mostly, those serve to remind me to say hi and see what she's been up to.

What she's been up to most recently is, she wrote what's called "flash fiction" for a little contest and she asked her friends if they'd read them and vote for their favourite (hopefully, hers).  I thought I'd pass this on.  She's helped me, she's a friend of the community, and I'd like to help her out too.  You can read the stories and vote here.  No story is more than 300 words, so it's not a huge time investment.  And I liked her story, or I wouldn't have voted for it and posted this.

Meanwhile, I still owe pictures and stories from the swap, and from my dinner with Vanessa.  I also spent an interesting day in Provincetown last week.

I'm hoping to get out to Sierra Vista again next month, with a day in Tucson before I head south.  There have been some other little t-tidbits going on, and there's always new things happening, hopefully positive, in the t-world.  I hate that the only time we're in the news is when one of us gets beaten or worse.

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