Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hi Karen!

Karen sent me the cartoon to the right.  She said she found it on "dating fails."  I assume she was just doing research. :D

Anyway, the picture file was labelled "want to flash people more often get a sex change."

I wrote back that I could see the sex change connection, only if she wanted to attract the men, not run away from them.

I've said many times (and wrote back to Karen): If a guy walks into a bar and shouts "I want to have sex.  Who's interested?"  He'll probably get laughs.  If a woman did it, she'd get a mob.

Then I started thinking....  I don't know what would happen if Meg did it.  I'd love to know, as a thought experiment, but not in reality.  Has anyone tried this, or heard of a crossdresser trying this?  I wonder how different the results would be in a straight bar or a gay bar (or on drag karaoke night like they have here).

A little side note: Hurricane Irene's coming.  It's supposed to arrive overnight tonight.  I filled my car, moved plants and light furniture into the house, but it doesn't look to be bad.  Around here, you never know if your trees will stand up to the wind and if the power will stay on.  BUT if power goes off, I've pre-posted for a few days.  You're all good. :D

I plan to post little updates on my facebook page, and maybe even a photo or two.  If I don't, power is probably out.

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