Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hi, Ralph!

Ralph posted a comment on one of my Gender Orientation posts a couple of weeks ago.

He was googling Sherman's Lagoon, searching for the strip I posted and he came across my blog.

I was amazed that someone would be googling a cartoon and find a trans blog and say "hey!  That's me too!"

I did check my history and found he was looking for Sherman's Lagoon with crossdress and a couple of other key terms, so my amazement lessened, but it's still pretty cool.

Check out Ralph's blog.  He has a different philosophy than I do, but we all need to get out and get our voices heard.  This has been coming out (so to speak) in  a private discussion I've been having with a prominent blogger and someone who writes a LGBT column.

I do think we need to get out and show our faces and raise our voices.  Gay rights, women's rights, civil rights were not won with anonymous leaders.  Most of us are still in the closet to some degree, and I bet the bell curve would be heavily weighted towards "completely."  Most trans persons prefer to keep a low profile.  I understand.  We want to live our lives and be accepted.  Blending is more important than leading.

Of course, there's also the possibility of failure.  Does anyone remember the "men's liberation movement" which started over 20 years ago?  I didn't think so.  The head man appeared on Donohue and a few similar shows wearing a skirt and claiming it was time for equal rights for men.  As near as I can tell, he's still a one-man show, although now he has a website.

Normally, I write posts off-line and copy them here and publish them   This one really started as a "hello Ralph" and nothing more.  The rest is the fault of my muse and the rainy Cape Cod weather.  I think future posts will expound on the above, and I think we need a "how closeted are you" poll.  I'm behind on my dating poll (mis)interpretation, but the results are still up and you can see for yourself where people fit.  It's pretty self-explanatory and, I think, pretty interesting.

Jeez....  I'm still doing it.

Hi Ralph!  And hi to all of my readers.  You're all spectacular people, and every one who's written to me has a story worth hearing, and I thank you for sharing.

And Penny ~ if you're out there, please drop me a note.  Another of the sad aspects of our anonymity is if something happens to one of us, there's no closure.

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  1. Meg
    I think that you and I have communicated previously on this very important topic. Getting out is good for the individual and unless that person causes a scene it is good for the rest of us as well.
    I salute all members of the TG/CD universe who can get out and mix with the civilian population.


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