Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Office, Part II

First a follow-up:  Those were all great suggestions in yesterday's comments, but I'm not sure they work with zombie mice.  I'll just continue to sleep in my motorcycle helmet.

J (male) and K (female) share an office.  K is the office fashionista.  She especially loves her shoes and sometimes I'll drop by just to tell her how terrific her shoes are.  But her outfits are also spectacular, and I enjoy seeing her around the office.

J is the office know-it-all, so if there are any questions about the project, or government contracting requirements, I go to him.

I went to ask J a documentation question, but asked K if she had a shoe room (she was wearing patterned wedges and I don't think I've ever seen her wear ANY wedges before.  She's definitely a stiletto fan).  J, out of nowhere, said he's been getting coupons for free panties from Victoria's Secret.  They were all addressed to him.  I said "maybe you should take them up on it.  They're very comfortable."  He said "it's too bad they don't have men's underwear" and I said "you can wear anything you want."  He said "boxers would be good" and I said "they have 'boyleg' ~ they're practically boxers, right K?"

J looked at me and said "you know way too much about this."  I said "it's a hobby" and he laughed and the topic changed.

I was ready to go further.  I was considering something about how I prefer Vanity Fair because they're a bit roomier but we never got there.

No stories. 

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