Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just... Kidding?

 I said goodbye to J.  She was really the first person I met at the company and I wanted to come full circle.  I mentioned I won't be repeating my Halloween costume and she said "and I missed that!"  I said "but you saw the pictures..." and she said she hadn't.  I told her I'd see if I could find them.

Not surprisingly, I did, and sent her an e-mail with a couple.  I told her "if I couldn't find them, I would have sent some pictures from my other trips out."  She ignored that, but wrote back that she hates it when "guys look better in dresses than I do" (in this case, it is true.  Sorry J).  I just wrote back that I had lots of practice.  She ignored that too.

When you have a reputation as a joker, no-one knows when to take you seriously.  I also saw her Thursday and said "cute, huh?"  She gave me a big wide-eyed smile and a big nod and said "you looked fantastic."  I repeated my "I practice a lot" line and she laughed and I left.

I also spoke to L, and she mentioned my Halloween "costume" there and asked what I did last year.  I reminded her of the rally and sent her a picture.  She said she would never have known it was me if I hadn't told her.  I used the "lots of practice" line again, and again it got a laugh.

Finally F said "Halloween won't be the same without you."  I suggested I might put on a dress and crash the big user conference next month.  She said something about my wearing "the dress" and I said "the dress?  The big problem will be deciding which one to wear!"

No-one took my "practice" line seriously, or my reference to more dresses, or anything else.  I did wear all girl clothes on my last day, but I wasn't dressed as a girl.  Girl jeans, polo, socks, sneaks, and panties along with my bracelet and necklace.

I also showed S (who knows) my pictures from Dallas ~ don't worry.  They'll be coming here soon.  I did tell her about my flying pretty and she had a lot of questions, mostly about my going through security.  I told her I had a couple of people tell me I had the "wrong identification" and about the fun I had with the security lady, wanding me.  She's in charge of the user conference, and if she can sneak me credentials, I'll see if I can sneak in.  It's probably a bad idea to go as Meg.  Some of the people I helped will be there, and it would reflect poorly on the company.  I meant to mention to S that all of my clothes were girl, but she was rushed and I forgot.

I know.  I said "next up, the second jewelry store" but this and the blogger outage kind of interrupted.


  1. Every end leads to a new beginning.

    It's difficult to say goodbye. I never really think of them as goodbyes, though. More like temporary hiatuses.

  2. You are wise to not burn your old bridges.
    Good luck in your new position.


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