Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are You Mad?

Monday was a much longer day than expected.  I left work after ten hours and went to check out a nearby mall and catch a quick dinner.  My evening was spent planning how I'll make up time on Tuesday.  There are a lot of pieces to this project, and some require people in Sacramento.  That means I can't get their attention until around 11am.  I get there at 8 and I need to move forward.

Two interesting things happened Monday and I really want to follow through but... well, see the subject.

Big Oops and Little Lie

I could not get a program to install but I had a copy ready to go on a flash drive.  I have about five flash drives with me (one of my To Dos is to clean them up).  Two look similar, with a metal "handle" that swings over the front to protect the plug, or swings back to get out of the way.  One is from the company, and is blue.  The other is from TSA and is red.

I put in the red flash.  I meant to put in the blue.

As Michelle, my main contact, looked over my shoulder the contents popped up on the screen.  The contents were about ten thumbnails that I brought to work to show my friend S.  They were from Richmond and Colorado Springs and you've seen most of them here on the blog.

I tried to hastily click the window closed and instead clicked on a picture which opened to its full glory.

I said "wrong flash.  That's a friend of mine" and closed the picture and the folder and ejected the drive.

I think today, I will tell her I lied and who the picture is, but I may still lie and say it was for Halloween 2009 (when I did go to work dressed, but not in that dress).  So it'll be a bit less of a lie.

I Know I Shouldn't

Later in the day, Michelle said "I should have told you sooner, but we're a jeans-and-sneakers shop."  I wear business clothes (never a tie though) and sneakers to clients.  (They're women's sneakers, but that's not important.)  I said "Ah.  And I was thinking of wearing a dress tomorrow."  She said "go for it.  We were rated as one of the top companies by Out magazine."  I said nothing.

But I'm thinking of taking her up on it later in the week.  I am seriously thinking of taking her up on it later in the week.  I am really truly seriously thinking of taking her up on it later in the week.

I know I shouldn't.  I know it's a bad career move.  But haven't you ever had the urge to do something you shouldn't?


  1. Bad career move? Life is full of surprises, that is certain. If this were one of those fictions some are fond of, you would show up as Meg later this week and it would radically change your life for the better.

    Most of the time, my quote looks more like
    "I know I shouldn't. I know it's a bad career move. But haven't you ever had the urge to do something you should?"

  2. Only every day of my life!

    But it would be a shame to jeopardize the new job. It might not get back...but it might.

    I'm not sure I see the harm in telling Michelle the whole truth, though. Could prove for some interesting conversation.

  3. I'm with Penny on this one. If Michelle is telling the truth about the company's rating with Out, then she ought to fine with knowing your secret. Hell, see if she'd like to have a drink with Meg after work.

    But actually dressing at the job is a bit more problematic...sure, the client you're working with now will be OK with it, but if you don't know the policy and preferences of your new employer, don't risk it.


  4. I suspect that I am close to 2000 miles away from Dallas but I can almost smell your brain cells frying as you mull over the issue of showing up while dressed.

    Penny's suggested middle approach makes sense. In fact you may want to have one of your photos serve as a screen saver and when Michelle sees it again you can ask if she recognizes the person on the screen.

    Whatever you do I wish you luck. Just keep in mind that you are not in a position to put your job, your employer or your family at any risk whatsoever.


  5. You should ask her - was she serious? Then say - I always come into work in a dress on Halloween.... But if it's a requirement of the job, I'll make the sacrifice.

  6. Invite Michelle out for a drink with Meg. And you always have Thursday. You can say that all your male clothes are dirty and these were all you had!.


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