Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Panties!

I know, I wrote No More Panties back in February.  It seems like I always forget something when I'm travelling.

It's never anything really important, like my phone or ticket or wig ~ things that would ruin my trip if I forgot them.  It's always something though.  Maybe it's intentional, so I can justify making lists and other obsessive-compulsive behaviour.  (I am considering joining a program to help cure obsessive-compulsive behaviour.  It's a five thousand step program.  Most of the steps are the same.)

Recently, I forgot my moisturiser.  That's easy to rectify but not when you're on a schedule, just out of a shower, and ready to put your makeup on.  On my last flight I didn't forget anything, but one pair of socks had a hole large enough to be annoying, so I had to shop for a pair of socks.

This time I just miscounted.  MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday ~ six pairs of panties.  Got it.

Except I always take a shower before going out and after returning.  I try to cool myself off before going out, since I'm usually sweaty when I'm planning to go out, and I like to get all of the makeup off afterwards.  I also hate to put on the same underwear after a shower.

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayThursdayFridaySaturday ~ one pair short.

The really dumb thing is, it took me a bit of thinking to figure out the obvious solution: I'm about to go to a shopping mall, dressed as a girl.  Duh.

At Dillard's, the lingerie was right by the mall entrance.  Here, they seem to bury it near the back of the store.  In Dallas, they put them by the entrance.  Macys had the 'Intimate Apparel' department near the mall entrance as well.  Makeup straight ahead, lingerie to the left.  Keep the rest of the store.  I'm happy.

Generally, I shop in department stores when I don't want to be bothered.  The salespeople usually just ignore me, except in specialty departments like cosmetics or jewelry.  Here, as I looked for panties, a woman came over and asked if she could help me.  I had seen a rack of panties and a counter display, among a sea of bras.  I didn't see anything I really loved.  Normally, I say "I'm just looking, thank you" in my best barely girl voice.  Instead, Meg took over and said "I'm looking for panties.  I saw some here and here.  Did I miss something?"  She seemed apologetic and said, no, that was everything, and we walked over to the rack.  She asked what size I was and I said "seven."  She asked if I was looking for briefs or hi-cut and she pulled out a couple of sevens she thought I might like.  I admit I did enjoy talking woman-to-woman about panties; asking for help was a good decision.  I finally found a pair I did like ~ she hovered by my side the whole time.  I'll assume she thought I needed assistance because I looked lost.  Frugal girl that I am, I found it hard to pick up a single pair of $10 panties when they were three for $25.  I found $6 (five for $25) a bit more to my liking, since I felt I was "throwing away" less money.  If they had been a familiar brand, one that I knew fit, like my favourite Jockey spandex or Vanity Fair, I might have bought multiple pairs (or maybe not ~ remember: No More Panties!), but they were not.  I bought a pair of beige bikinis with a lace waistband.  I wore them the next day.  And I was so focussed on panties I forgot to ask about pant liners!  Or to look to see if they had slips (I have more than I need, but I haven't crossed the No More Slips line yet).

The waist elastic on the panties is very weak.  They did not stay in place well.  I gave them a C, and will place them in the "not for general wear" bag after they are washed.


Lesson learned: next time, bring enough panties.  And buy another one, just to chat with the nice salesladies.


  1. It would seem that even if the panties that you purchased lacked the quality to make the 'A' llist the price of the purchase was well worth the encounter with the civilian woman sales associate. Seems like a fine outing.

  2. Yes, Pat, I may buy a pair just for the experience. Maybe I'll buy something wildly inappropriate, something really pretty that I'd never actually wear. $5 or $10 for a nice chat with a nice woman on a topic I enjoy ~ I'd consider it part of my Meg training. I'd definitely buy a pair or two (or more, but I'd return them unused the next day if I did that!).


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