Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Musing on My Next Trip

It's probably going to be hot in Arizona. I am not sure what to wear.

I still can't go sleeveless ~ there's too much shaving for my wife to watch quietly. I don't like to go without hose: my legs are not the pristine skin they were when I was young. I am thinking about bare legs and open-toe shoes and maybe a pedicure and a long skirt.

I am also thinking about only packing the Meg necessities and buying clothes there (in drab) or maybe buying or bringing one outfit and buying one or more there.

I am thinking about spending the weekend as Meg.

I need to think more. I think.


  1. The weekend? If that is possible, then I HIGHLY recommend it.

  2. Do you have any "filmy" long-sleeved tops? Something that will be cool enough to wear in Arizona's heat, but will still cover your arms? As for the bottom, have you considered a pair of flowing, wide-legged pants?

  3. I have a problem in hot weather with wearing a wig - I sweat too much

  4. Wear what the other girls are wearing. This is nomally shorts, flip flops or sandals and billowy tops. (weekend wear) Maybe capris in lieu f shorts. Since you have to use a wig make sure it can breathe otherwise you'll be hot before you know it. Minimal makeup too. You don't want it running off...

    Stay out of the sun if you're not used to it.


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