Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life's Little Victories

Not knowing how this evening would come off, I wrote a prelude to it late last night and I'll post that tomorrow.

This is my third post today.  Either I have nothing to say or I have too much to say.  There is no happy medium.  Over the next few days, I'll hopefully have some pictures and vignettes for you to enjoy.  I broke one wall and Meg ate out by herself!  It was at a food court, but still, it was new.  I didn't have lunch today and I really wasn't hungry for dinner, but I wanted to be able to sit down and eat, so I did.

I bought a pricey necklace at Gordon's Jewelers and wore it back to the hotel. Gordon's is really Zales, and I normally eschew those chains but they had two necklaces I liked so I bought one.

I passed on getting my makeup redone.  I'm not sure why.

I looked at some clothes but not closely enough to buy anything ~ just closely enough to tell the clerk "no, I'm just looking."

I got a bra fitting at Victoria's Secret.

I bought a pair of panties and some socks and new earrings at Dillards.

I almost didn't go out.

And I'll expand on all of these things over the next few days.

It was great, as usual.  And I just had a thought....  If any of you went out for the first time because of something I wrote, I would love to hear about it!

Right now, I feel so good I may go out again, even if it's just to buy a snack at the front desk.


  1. You already know my first two going-out stories and how you were a huge influence of that happening. Inspiration, really. I haven't mentioned the third yet, though. I'll have to e-mail you that soon.

  2. We do look forward to your updates on the play by play of your time out.

    Of course, you have helped inspire me to get out. So far my ventures have been to semi-safe venues such as CD meetings or CD night at the gay bar or just regular visit to a CD friendly gay bar.

    I have not really been able to get out in the 'civilian population'. Part of it is that I am a bit of a large person and stick out in male mode. Part is abject fear. At some point I just need to stop fretting and get out and about but I just cannot risk engaging in any behaviour that could present a problem with my wife.

    Almost made it out last night. My wife was out of town so the coast was clear. I got home later than I had hoped... had to get something to eat...had to shower and change and do my best to get pretty...I knew I needed to make one short phone call which turned into four long calls. By then the Republican debate was on TV. I sat down to watch for a few minutes and shortly fell asleep on the recliner.

    At least I was a cute sleeper with my hose, heels, make-up, wig and my black and white print wrap dress.

    I awoke after midnight having never made it anywhere near the front door.

    I guess I just could not handle the excitement of Tim Pawlenty debating Rick Santorum debating Ron Paul, etc.


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