Monday, May 9, 2011

I Caught My Error

After Meg goes out, I have two blog options.  One is to write Very Long Posts so I get all of the details into the blog soonest. The other is to write more shorter posts.

The second option is better.  I don't take up so much of your time in one day, and I get some time to figure out if this blog is going to be more than a chronicle of the roller coaster that is Meg: spend some time coasting, then up the ramp of planning an outing (going or coming), the apex of the actual event, then the high speed follow-up that is a tumble of blog posts, heading towards another low-level coast.

I think about crossdressing a lot ~ I think it's similar to how a chronic dieter thinks about food.  I've written several posts and received thoughtful comments on those.  I have some more, but I'm afraid they're just turning into turns in the roller coaster, something to fill space while getting ready for that next up and down.

Anyway, I'm still collecting thoughts, editing posts, and the Dallas high-speed drop will occupy about a week, starting tomorrow.

Today is about a little oops before going out.

I wore my pink shirt (and socks) on Thursday.  I usually wear a pink camisole as well.  I have a couple of cotton ones that look like regular undershirts, except, of course, they are pink.

But I didn't bring one of those.  I brought an almost-tunic length cotton/spandex thin-strapped one.  My pink shirt is fairly new and the weave is fairly heavy so my camisole should be invisible.  I put it and my shirt on and happened to glance at the mirror just before I left my room.  Meg looks in the mirror a lot ~ sometimes just to be amazed that she's looking back at me, sometimes to make sure she still looks Meggish, with clean makeup and a straight wig, sometimes, well, just because.  I rarely look in a mirror.  To borrow a line from Lou Costello, why hurt my own feelings?

But I glanced.

Oops.  I could easily see the outline of the camisole under the shirt.

No camisole Thursday.  That's OK.  It was kind of hot anyway.


  1. Personally, I think any cross-dressers musings on our "hobby" are always of interest; I like to see where our thoughts are alike and where they differ. That's why I read so many CDers blogs.

    Dani also uses mirrors a lot, much more than her male counterpart. Dani likes to have her picture taken; her male self, not so much.


  2. Not really fond of mirrors, regardless of what I'm wearing. I had never heard that Costello line before, but I like it. We can all relate to that on some level.

    Your posts are never a waste of time, Meg. Everyone has days that ask more of us than we have time to provide, but longer posts give us something to look forward to when we do.

    Looking forward to more Dallas.


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