Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Still Planning

As I mentioned, on Monday I went to a mall for a look around and quick dinner at the food court.  Since I've been in Dallas, I've been the owner of what I think is a mild migraine headache.  They usually last three days and I hope this one runs true to form and ends today.  The pain is particularly bad around the eyes, and I don't think wearing my contacts is a good idea when I have one of these pains.

So Meg was not out last night, and probably won't be out tonight.  But tomorrow....

My goal is to get out by 330 or so, and head back to the hotel.  I hope to change and be back at that mall by 5.  It's only a few miles away.  On Monday, I spoke to salesmen at two stores as I looked for jewelry ~ something the boys might give mom on Mother's Day.  I asked for cards and information on the pieces so I could find the stores and return later.

I would have preferred saleswomen, but I don't mind too much, I think.

I plan to return to one or both of the stores and perhaps pick up one of the pieces I was looking at.  I'll take the card out of my purse and ask to see the particular pieces again before I decide to buy.

I'm trying to decide if I should have it gift wrapped, or wear it out.  I've never had the experience of buying nice jewelry and wearing it out of the shop.  I think the pleasure of doing so will outweigh the pain of having to wrap it myself.

I also don't think Meg has ever bought anything from a male salesperson.  Also a new experience.  My goal is to be out more.  I can't be out more if I force myself to limit the people I interact with!

And maybe I'll grab a bite at that food court.

And maybe I can get a new dress to wear to the office on Friday.

Oh....  Right next to the mall was a Catherine's (clothes larger than my size) right next to a very large lingerie store.  It didn't look open though.  I do want to investigate and if it's open, Meg will go in.  Who knows?  Maybe she can get a bra fitting.

Update: I checked.  It's only open until 6, and it's very expensive.  $40 and up and the sky's the limit for bras!

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