Saturday, May 14, 2011

Goodbye (But Not To You)

Update: I wrote this Friday but Blogger was down most of the day so....

Today, I'm busy cleaning my computer, and saying goodbye to a couple of people here.  I'm also going to tell S about my "flying pretty" adventure.  I promised I had something to tell her on my last day ~ this is it.  I will not be pointing her at my blog.  There are two people who know my male self and about the blog.  Neither know anyone else I know ~ although they do know my home address and phone number.  My true friends are people I can trust without even thinking about it.  Maybe that's why I have so few.

One of the two, Amanda, wrote to say she couldn't really see the pendant, even when zoomed, so here's a closeup.

Although I did seriously think about coming in as Meg, I really would have had to mention that to a couple of people here, and I didn't have a chance to do that.

I would have loved to show up as Meg for my exit interview and security debrief!  I can picture me sitting across the desk from HR and security, legs crossed, doing final paperwork, saying goodbye and "it's something I do, sometimes" to the other people there.  I think that would have been the Best Day Ever!

It's probably better that I did not.  Especially since I have three customers right after work.

Next up: my trip to the second jewelry store.

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  1. I posted a comment yesterday, at one point during the evening I noticed one had been pubished, but could not read it. today comments can only be sent (to you)if user goes though their own blog's dashboard. probably need to contact blogger with problem.


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