Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Stop: Gordons Jewelers

At Gordon's with my mew necklace
Actually, I entered the mall through Macy's but I didn't stop. I figured I could stop on my way out, and I had several goals:

* go to the two jewelry stores where I wanted to take another look at the necklaces I saw earlier in the week. I planned to buy one (possibly more).
* buy one pair of panties, probably at Dillard's.
* grab a bite at the food court.

When I arrived it was almost 6, so I had to skip the lingerie store outside the mall. That was probably a good thing, from a budget point of view.

I parked pretty close to the entrance and saw only a couple of people as I entered. Walking towards the mall entrance I saw a woman leaving. She looked at me and gave me a HUGE smile.  Again, I wonder why but don't really care if it's because she liked my dress or she was amused to see a man wearing it.

I walked through Macy's. I kind of zig-zagged through the store, walking on carpeted areas as much as possible. When I enter the first store as Meg, it sounds like my heels are echoing loudly enough to turn every head and bring down some walls and I don't want to be that conspicuous. By the time I enter the main mall that feeling is gone. I don't notice when it goes, but it disappears and I know I'm just another woman out to shop. I'm an overdressed woman, but a woman nonetheless.

 I followed the right-hand wall and soon came to Gordon's.

I went in, expecting to see the same man I saw last time (although I'd have as much trouble recognising him as he would recognising me!).  Instead, a 30-year-old woman came up to me and asked if she could help.  I showed her the card, and she thought it was from one salesguy, who was there but seemed too busy to claim his commission.  I told her there were two guys' names on the card; one helped me and he just wrote the other guy's name on the card.  Once she was certain she wasn't taking someone else's sale, she gladly helped me.

She was a very friendly woman.  She started by asked me if I was buying a treat for myself ~ I'm pretty sure I noticed a wink when she asked.  I said yes.  I was going to add that I had never bought myself a diamond before, but she changed subjects so fast it was hard to keep up.  We looked at my two choices, she gave her opinion of each, she talked about how irresistible diamonds are....  It was great, it was real girl talk, and it made me feel fantastic.  This is why I go out.  And why the heck don't I interact with sales people more?  They got the job because they're friendly, they make women feel welcome and comfortable, and they're the perfect people for Meg to chat with.

As I was paying, a Fed Ex guy showed up.  The saleswoman chatted with him, she told me something about him and I ended up chatting with him briefly as well.  He was an older guy (maybe mid-60s) and he was checking me out ~ honest.

She asked if I wanted to wear my new purchase and I just nodded.  I took off my black necklace, dropped it in my purse, and put on the new one.  I asked the saleswoman if she would take a picture of my in my new necklace.  She did so gladly and in fact took two ~ just in case one didn't come out good.  If you click and enlarge the picture, you can zoom in on my new purchase.

I left the store, went to the other jewelry store (another post) and realised that, although I was wearing my necklace I forgot the bag with the receipt and box!  I knew I left it in Gordon's, so I headed back.  I accused her of hiding the bag so I'd come back and buy something else.  She said she was holding me hostage until I had all of the diamonds she knew I really wanted.

Can you imagine a back-and-forth like that between two guys?

I really enjoy being one of the girls.  It seems like every new experience is one I cherish.  It started long ago with wanting to wear girls' clothing but each new item, each new experience is one I feel is missing from my life and adding it adds to my happiness.

Who knew?

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  1. If I have your Schedule right tomorrow"s your last day at old job... are still considering going Enfemme? If you remember I told you I did (at my last job).. BUT, I was retiring and I didn't care about future job propects... and I guess you need to consider your "Line of work" as certain job field are less conserned about such things I'd love to be with those last few hours even if it's just going around telling certain "lady workers" about yourself. any way DO have FUN!!


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