Thursday, May 5, 2011


I told the customer that my goal is to be out today by 330 or so.  I'd rather go out tonight, I think, than tomorrow.

My headache has left on schedule, but I have a scarier problem: floaters.

I am quite nearsighted, which means my eyeball is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d.  This makes it susceptible to ripping.  If a tear is caught early, it can be fixed.  If not, it's not good.  There are several symptoms to a possible tear, and an increase in floaters (those little odd splotches you might see when you look around, even when your eyes are closed) is one of them.

Mine increased a couple of days ago, and then leveled off, but it's worse than it normally is.  I'm really hoping to get back home before anything serious happens (if something serious is happening) but I decided any change for the worse will mean an immediate visit to an eye doctor (if I can get an appointment) or optometrist (if I can't).

This is a bad time for this.  With a changing job, my insurance will change.  I may have to delay the start of my new job, which could jeopardise it.  I'm several hours from home right now.  I have a job here that's not quite done.  And I want to get out tonight, although that's way down on the list of why it's a bad time.

My goal is still to leave the office by 330 and head out as Meg by 5, but that may have to change.  Stay tuned!

I also have to tell y'all what happened with Michelle and the flash drive explanation.


  1. You really have a lot on your plate these days. When it rains it pours.
    I had a loose plan to get out last weekend but my plan was changed when I had to go up to Lake Champlain to try to fight the floods. We have heard about the tornados and the flooding in the south and midwest but here along the NY/Vt border the largest lake in the US that is not a great lake has reached its highest level in history. For the past week it has been between one and two feet above flood stage and hundreds of people have been evacuated, pets stranded, roads closed, buildings and sea walls destroyed. I did my part with the wet vacuum and did my share of sandbagging...all to no avail.
    I know that the flood will subside and I told everyone I encountered along the lake that this too shall pass. In your case I wish you luck with your floaters and I encourage you to make caring for your eyes your top priority.

  2. Meg I know you know your body , but, I'm Near sited too,, And when I get Floaters I've been work hard and long near fatigue.. I found that (at leased my body) is low on potassium eat some (or one) bananas it often clear up in half an hour or so... hope it clears so you enjoy your evening!!


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