Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'll Go Back

The new job has me jumping right now, but I'll tell the parts of the story I've missed.  The biggest one is shopping at Dillards, and what I did after I returned to the hotel.  I just need time to write them right.

But right now, I'm immersed in the new job.  Things started oddly.  I was supposed to go to our main office (about 25 miles from my home) for an orientation and then to spend the week with the guy I'm replacing.  Then the second week (and thereafter) I would be at the contractor site (about ten miles from my home).  Instead, the guy I'm replacing wrote to say his car broke down in Georgia and he wouldn't be back until Tuesday afternoon.  I got some detailed documents from him about the project and started reading.  I went to the company office Monday, went through the orientation and decided I could read documents anywhere so I went home and read until my eyes hurt.  We agreed that it would make sense for me to go to the contractor office where I could get a computer and some security stuff, so I did that on Tuesday.  I also interviewed someone to work on our team (!).

Wednesday, I was back at the company office where I finally met the guy I'm replacing.  I did a phone interview of someone else and found out there will be a training session in Arizona that I should attend.

Two weeks, in June.

That's why all of this is here.

I'll be travelling for two weeks in June.  It Will Be Hot (alas, I will Not).  It will be in a tiny town, so I'm not sure how this will work, but Meg will be going with me.

So...  Is there anyone in Sierra Vista, Arizona out there?  It looks like it's pretty close to, um, well, absolutely nothing.  Well, it's only 400 miles to Las Vegas, where Glamour Boutique is.  It's just over 100 miles to Phoenix.

Now, I'm going to take a break from reading documents and filling out forms and looking for hotels and flights and I'm going to check out whatever support there is in the Tucson area.  I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.  I googled "transformations Tucson" and was disappointed instead.

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  1. Sierra Vista is notable mostly for the nearby military base and accompanying bar scene. Tucson is not far away, and your best bet - the trans* community here is larger than most Tucsonans realize. Try SAGA (Disclaimer - my roommate was just appointed as the new SAGA coordinator).

    Yes, it will be HOT! You'll want to go from air-conditioned building, to air-conditioned car, to air-conditioned building with nary a pause in between. The desert will be dry, but still beautiful. I hope your trip goes well.


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